Monthly Archives: March 2008

Cancelling Cable

  My love affair with the T.V. remote should tell you just about everything you’d like to know about me. Number one: I know what Tivo is—and you know what I mean if you’ve reached Tivo enlightenment. Number two: I’m referring to the remote as a romantic partner. If I can’t find my remote, you […]

I Want To Keep My MTV

Imagine my surprise at Sunday dinner when my husband announced, that due to report card grades he would be disconnecting the cable from our home. I was horrified.    What about late, husbandless nights when I flop exhausted into my lonely bed? What about evenings when nothing is stirring in the house except the bloop of […]

Muffin Tops

I like the organic, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins myself.

About Tummy Yummies

What I can’t help but wonder is where does the muffin come out? Surely something spills forth under the arms or possibly the back? A bit more like a popover?

Scary Logo Recognition

Can’t believe I got 17/20 on this. What does that say about my consumer habits??? Can you spot the fakes?: Corporate Logo Quiz The subconscious is a scary thing.

Response to the Jeans Riff

Well, I say forget the spandex “suck you in till it hurts” new technology! It kinda reminds me of the whalebone “suck you in till it hurts” old technology. Who reinvented the square wheel? And who in God’s name is buying into the pain? Now, I would go for the “hide the muffin top in […]

Do These Friends Make My Butt Look Big?

Even at the age of 12, I was never a slim and tiny kind of girl. Once, I read that a pioneer man going west wanted to marry a woman that could “pull the plow if the mule died.” I am definitely one of those kind of girls. Heck, I could probably fix the plow […]

The term is coined

Once upon a time, shortly after the birth of one or another of my children, while still milkfull and feeling the excess of baby weight, I went to a party. Could have been New Year’s. I was trying for hot but feeling lukewarm at best. The rooms were filled primarily with singles, none of whom […]

O/C Cleaning

After seeing one too many old cheerios and other odd hardened pieces of food in the silverware drawer, I decided that I’d celebrate the first day of spring by vacuumming out my kitchen drawers. When I reached the final fourth drawer down, the reason for my obsessive compulsive cleaning became clear. Yes, that’s a chicken […]

Comment to Eating Standing up

No no, no sleeping standing up! Don’t even think about it. You must do something for yourself every once in a while and I say that sleeping lying down is one of those options. Plus, the life partner will wonder why you’re standing next to the bed all night instead of lying in it. And […]