Horizon Explosion or the $200.00 lunch milk

at-the-carwash.jpgI left my yoga class yesterday feeling very relaxed and zen, but knowing I had to run some errands in the afternoon. And, lo and behold, there’s Nordstorm’s – and hey, I just happen to have my Nordstrom’s “to-be-returned” bag in my car. I had bought a bunch of shirts and such for my ultimate dude, and needed to return a few leftovers.

Of course I have to hit Shoes first (little wonder why it’s right to the left as you enter the main doors). I make a hasty line directly to the Gucci, Miu Miu section hoping to find some “transition from winter to spring shoes” (before I actually have to purchase my “spring fever is finally here” shoes) and lo and behold, there are a few that I just might try on. Sandals, one Gucci, a Prada and (who is)Bettye Muller, and one pair of Tory Burch – who I actually despise just on principal… Anyway, I left that section with 4 pairs – I’m going to return at least three – and off to do the men’s return. Back in the parking lot, I’m rushing a bit. I open the hatch, throw in my bags, and slam close the back hatch door.

It doesn’t close.
I try it another time – harder.
It still doesn’t close.

I opened the hatch wide to see what was stopping me from getting to my next destination… One of the lunch sized milk containers that I keep in the car for the kids has rolled from the box to exactly the place where the hatch latches in.

The milk had EXPLODED – each time I shut the hatch I was detonating a milk bomb. Milk shot all the way up to the radio in the far front, all over the tv screen in the middle seat, and sprayed all over the windows and carpeting in the back of the car. It was dripping everywhere!!! And Spring is in the air.

We moms all know that nothing smells worse than milk in a hot car – except for maybe day old fish! So I grabbed the only thing that I had in the car that could possibly soak anything up (my son’s winter scarf) and desperately started wiping and dabbing the inside of the car. There I am, with my ass in the air in the back of the car of the Nordstrom’s parking lot, trying to mop up sprayed milk for the first time since my 4 year old was an infant.

And of course, the car next to me starts to unload. It’s a dad with a toddler on his hip, who takes one look at my situation and says, “I have wipes.”

Nothing helped. Not even dad dude’s wipes. Milk combined with greenhouse effect heat in the interior of my car? Off to the car wash (the same car wash that ripped the bug shield off my car the last visit). I could just picture my Thule getting it scraped off the top of my car this time around.

And there went $200.00 to get my carpets steam cleaned and my seats detailed. Could’ve bought another pairs of shoes!!

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