Actually, Tupperware is the Old New Frontier

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Re-Use it ladies!

Doesn’t everyone have a tupperware drawer? As far as I’m concerned my old tupperware has outlasted any other product that I’ve ever bought. I even have tupperware that I stole from my mom’s house when I left for college that is alive and kicking ass 20 years later.

Is there a woman born in the sixties or seventies that still doesn’t drool over the thought of new tupperware? This could be the reason that the Container Store is so successful. We’ve been raised on the idea of storing stuff.

To this day, I love looking at the tupperware catalogue and thinking of all of the marvelous ways my life could be more organized and efficient.

Does anyone have tupperware parties anymore? Maybe that could be a Mombshell project… have a retro tupperware party and see who comes? In Swank County, we’d all go to the costume shop and buy or rent authentic sixties outfits for the event.

Could I become a Tupperware Lady? Do you get the pink caddy with that or was that Mary Kay?


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