Tupperware is soooo last century

Last night was the EcoMom Alliance party. The 21st century mom-gathering excuse to sip Veuve and scoff some catered organic bites while chatting with friends and checking out the latest fashions. Oh, and respond to a “mom call-to-arms” to start “Being Green”.

Most of us have at least made an initial effort. An attempt to rinse out and reuse those plastic bags – maybe even an attempt to change those bulbs to CFL’s. This is the land of the Hybrids. The school is a waste free zone. People are insulted if they are offered plastic bags at the local Safeway. (Not sure who shops there anymore, anyway.)

But let’s be honest – it’s not easy being green. We need to be reminded how to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We forget that those cleansers that clean the dishes and our clothes so well are incredibly toxic and poisonous to our systems. And nudge, nudge… even though those apples are oh so beautiful, the wax on them is not. The Green Movement, the Organic Movement, The Global Give – it’s all tied together. It’s the Peace Movement of this generation.

Where we live, if we can’t recite The Top Ten Ways to Go Green, we should just stuff our heads into a recyclable bag and start breathing really hard. (Wait, it might feel good. I think I’ll try that right now.) I mean, our kids know this stuff. They are constantly taking out their little school pads so they can take notes on the different ways that they earned carbon points that day. Even our animals eat organic!!

I could hardly pass up the opportunity to walk the walk and not just talk the talk – especially in my very high Louboutins . So I threaded my way through the multiple SUVs in the circular driveway and quickly dimmed the 75 bulbs on the chandeliers that lit the scene of our EcoMom party.

Ecco Driveway.JPG


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