Eating Standing Up

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Tonight I’m eating Phad Thai and downing my Pinot at a record pace. This is when I realize that I’m eating my dinner standing up in my kitchen. The K’s are at the table eating their meal, and I’m taking a bite, then loading the dishwasher. Then I take a drink, and wash out the sink.

*Bite: organize the recycling.

*Sip: take a hairbrush off the counter and put it in the bathroom.

*Bite: tell K1 and K2 to stop kicking each other under the table.

*Sip: feed the dog.

*Bite: I.M. my life partner and ask when he might be coming home.

*Sip: serve K3 more pot stickers.

*Bite: answer the phone.

*Sip: explain to telemarketer that I’m not home.

How many other women are out there eating standing up like horses? $60 take out and a glass of $30/per bottle Pinot deserves better conditions than standing up and eating like a horse. Am I wrong? Next I’ll be sleeping standing up. Although it would save laundry costs and I’d never have to make my bed.


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  1. blondeshell
    Posted March 20, 2008 at 5:38 am | Permalink

    Like the thinking there. However, to truly cut down on the laundry (the added bonus of going ever greener!) you will of course have to teach the foals to do the same.

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