I Want To Keep My MTV

images-2.jpegImagine my surprise at Sunday dinner when my husband announced, that due to report card grades he would be disconnecting the cable from our home. I was horrified. 


What about late, husbandless nights when I flop exhausted into my lonely bed? What about evenings when nothing is stirring in the house except the bloop of Tivo in that eerie glow of t.v. twilight? What about Desperate Housewives and Lost? Most of all what about my daily late night dose of South Park? All these shows at my fingertips because of my lovely Tivo remote.


I grew up in the country and I had no cable. I had bunny ears, horizontal lines and grainy black and white fuzz—that’s how I thought t.v. was supposed to look. I suffered through years of Hogan’s Heroes and Mash when I couldn’t find I Dream of Jeanie on the air. If I was really desperate I’d even watch the Canadian channel 9–but that was pretty desperate.


I grew up in the 80’s I had no MTV. I am a country girl and I suffered God damnit!


My husband is gone so much that I lead a lonely life without the magical world of television. What does this say about me? I’ve replaced human companionship with Tivo? Don’t send me back to that scary place of black and white confetti and better reception when it’s not raining. Please, honey, please. Now that I’ve found it, I want to keep my MTV.


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