Monthly Archives: April 2008

Inspector 12

Does anyone remember the Hanes Underwear commercials with Inspector 12? Sometimes I feel like I’m my own version of Inspector 12.  If there is one spot the painter missed on the wall–I can see it.  Trying to pull a little surprise party action on me?  Even if I don’t want to know, I’ll find some […]

This is How it Happens

Life around here is expensive! For example, today I spent $235 on a latte and $40 more on organic bananas! After all, I’m a big believer in organic despite the additional expense. OK, technically both the coffee and the bananas were less than $3 apiece. However, had I not stopped for either one of those […]

Spa Toast

  This is to the lovely Burke Williams Spa.  Entering the spa suite, my therapist said, “I have to apologize in advance for the noise level in this room.  We are right next to the nail room and they are really loud.” My lovely massage music was the tune of doors slamming, people laughing, yelling, banging, […]

Target, Here I Come

Just got an e-mail this morning: Hello everyone– XXXXXXXXXX Day this Friday: Please dress your kindergartner in a Plain White Tee (long or short-sleeve), and Dark Pants. As I was processing this nugget of info, bing, I got more mail… This message popped up from the 4th grade teachers: This Friday in XXXXXXXX Day, please […]

Tooth Trouble

As you may have gathered from my previous Tooth Fairy anecdotes, we are regular visitors to our pediatric dentist.  My kids are not all that committed to the whole brushing and flossing idea.  Despite threats to have them pay for any future cavities out of their allowances, we are still rocking the cavity club. Kid […]

Mombshell Toast (is it o-k with you if I get a little bit catty?)

A Mombshell  Toast going out today to the woman in front of me at Gymboree.  You cut in front of me in line, then you proceeded to pay with a check.  After writing the check, showing your photo I.D. and reciting your driver’s license number, you decided you didn’t want the red shirt.   The saleswoman […]

Hybrid Mom

It’s strange to go to an EcoMom gathering or to read an article about healthy eating and realize, hey, I already do ALL of these things.  On the other hand, I’m still a girl from the midwest and occasionally find myself making a recipe with Miracle Whip or Campbell’s Soup–not Cool Whip, though, because I […]

Mermaid’s Home-Made Peanut Butter Cups

 Speaking of cooking, why here’s a little recipe that I just created in my very own kitchen yesterday… 1.  Open fridge.  Bring out month-old, half-eaten chocolate bunny from Easter and one jar of organic peanut butter. 2.  Decapitate the remainder of bunny’s head with a steak knife. 3.  Unscrew lid off peanut butter. 4.   […]

Yell Back Dinner’s On

You sound wretched Blondeshell Antionnette!

Yell Back to the Making of Dinner

Feeling rather proud of my own self today. Having been to the Farmer’s Market this past Sunday, I had a frig full of beautiful veggies which were not going to do anything on their own (other than rot of course). Due to the high demand of gymnastics and baseball schedules none of the fabulous dishes […]