Big Birthday Ballyhoo

I t just doesn’t seem fair. Major dude has to go to Germany for work and would be away from the family right smack on the day that we would celebrate number one son’s birthday. so I suggested he take said son with him on the trip. a great father/son birthday trip. Great bonding time. Lots of Weiner Schnitzel. A fine idea. Germany was not my choice of number one European destination hot spots anyway. It turns out that Major Dude’s not a big fan of repetitive days of sausage and beer either. He’d rather be eating boiled vegetables in London. And since they were flying into Heathrow and then connecting to Germany, they decided to stay a couple of days in London. And, since Major Dude only really likes one hotel in all of London, they’re lounging at the Four Seasons! Of course, they do have to go to Germany. so they’ll fly in there for a day and a half – and then, since they don’t want to go to the same city twice during this fast jaunt – they’re flying into Paris! Paris!! I will let my son use my favorite Tumi Duffel bag – the one that’s really big – so that I can stuff myself in there before they leave! Especially if they’re staying on the Rue Tardieu in the Spring!!!


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