3rd Child Syndrome ?

I don’t believe this is a phenomenon directly due to the third child syndrome. Honestly, was your second child perfection each day as she walked through the door? Isn’t it more likely the stylishly groomed and adorned children are one and onlys? Or with added nanny help at the very least? Not to mention one must factor in the PERSONALITY of one’s little angel.

I’m thinking of hiring a stunt daughter to wear all the adorable outfits I have purchased for my CREATIVE one. Stunt daughter will love the variety of tops, dresses, leggings and tights I have selected and, in fact, beg me to advise her as to what looks best with what. Real daughter might even take notice and ask, “Mommy, why have you never suggested I wear that amazing creation?” OK, probably not. She is only six and is more likely to ask “Who is that girl and don’t I have a dress kind of like that?” Then she will shrug her shoulders and march off in her INTERESTING combination of clothes shoving a ski hat onto her freshly brushed hair.

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