In My Defense, I’m Not An Organizer, But Kind Of A Planner

Forgot to mention that I am a planner, even if I’m not an organizer.  I don’t always stick to the plan, but that is seldom because I’m not organized.  I am an expert at crisis management and I turn garbage into art (thank you Montessori Teacher Training Program).  Mostly I fly by the seat of my pants and if something sounds better than the original plan, then I go for it.
Have to admit to all the Junior High School parents of my students that I crave the teachable moment and if something good comes up, forget the lesson plans (unless the principal is visiting the class for my evaluation).  I am usually up for anything and can make fake lemons into pretty damn good lemonade.  If it’s a beautiful day shouldn’t we all go outside and sit under a tree and write poetry?   
Yes, one might think you can get into a lot of trouble cartwheeling through life with this philosophy,  I have to admit I have ended up in places that have surprised even me.  Not all of them bad and I haven’t been arrested…yet.  Some of my best memories are of spur of the moment events that could of never been planned or organized, they just came to be. 
I hope to pass some of this on to my kids.  Sometimes you really should say, ‘no.’  But just sometimes, when you feel the urge to say no for no good reason, say “YES!”  (Please quickly check the stupid list:  Don’t do anything that could make you or anyone else dead, in prison, or on the 6 o clock news).  When you live on the edge you could end up in a biker bar or wind up marrying a Canadian, but these can be good things. 
Start with a plan, because if you have a good, solid plan, than what you really have is a diving board to spring into infinite possibilities.  If you get tired of diving or the pool is empty, you can go back to plan one and still have a great time.  The plan is my safety net.  It’s the only thing semi-anchoring me to reality.
img_0014.jpg  See, here I am planning for a Friday night by taking advantage of Safeway’s ‘Buy Six Bottles of Wine Get 10 Percent Off ‘ bargain.  If my friends come empty handed to Margarita Friday, I still have a plan.  If Bangs shows up with a fine bottle of tequila, well, naturally you abandon plan A and move to more excellent plan B.
img_0057.jpg Example 2:  Here is my shopping cart from Trader Joe’s last week.  If the whole entire baseball team shows up to decorate the parade float without any food or drinks…I am all set.  If they bring treats and drinks, I have snack for the entire baseball season.

 dscf3765.jpgExample 3:  You hire the pest control people to rat proof your home.  The kids want a pet and if the cat works out, then we don’t need to call the pest control people any more.


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