YapBack to Mermaid: The Organizational Disaster

There are so many different ways to ease the way for the organized-disabled. First, find closer places to go to save yourself and the kids when they need that white t-shirt – or anthing else for that matter. The Gap for instance, is five minutes away and opens at about the same time that you would finally arrive at Target. BUT – you would be able to stop at Peets for a leisurely cuppa joe while waiting for the employees to unlock that front door. And then, once it’s opened, you can zip back to the school in five minutes flat to relieve your children of their “lack of white t-shirt anxiety”. It might cost an extra couple of bucks but hey – time IS money. And with that lovely recession which has already arrived (rammed itself right through despite the administration and its denial – but that’s another rant), there are plenty of sales to be had. You might even end up with an extra pair of jeans or some rolls of socks! And look, there is a white hoodie for under 15 bucks! Also, you just KNOW that some other type A mom has brought not just one t-shirt for her own kid, but a few extras for the class. You can almost count on that. I DO! So, if you’re not prepared for your kid’s class one day, someone else will be. Take advantage of it! Lastly, you can always blame it on your children. THEY didn’t tell you! They should have let you know a day or two before that they needed white t-shirts. So it’s their fault and they need to deal with the consequences. After a few detentions or pointed looks for their teacher, they’ll be so terrified of going to school unprepared that they will actually give you a fair indication of what they need with advance warning!  Hmmm, not sure that’s in order of importance…  


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