You Got Me!

bat girl


I’m the one wearing the catsuit (not Jeans),  doing the karate chop moves while swinging Tarzan-style on the rope (BANG!) and riding the hog with my hair flying in the wind (OOOFFF!).  I’ve got Batman and Robin exactly where I want them…and it has very little to do with tupperware.  BAM!

My Batman and Robin Fantasy:

We can start with the leaky faucet, move on to the closet door, and then work our way to painting all the trim in our entire house. (Whose idea was it anyway to let the kids ride tricycles in the house?  Oops!  It was mine).  Maybe the dynamic duo could also kill a couple spiders for me and do a few loads of laundry.  Good help is so hard to find.

It makes me think of the Chris Rock joke: “So I’m walking down the street, right? And I saw this prostitute, right? And I said, ‘How much?’ She said, ‘For $300, I’ll do anything you want.’ I said, ‘Bitch, paint my house!'” I’ve got a lot of jobs around the house that could be called a ‘Bat Emergecy.’  

If the caped crusader and the boy wonder got to work on all the handyman stuff in our house, it would leave more time for me to hang with my own superman–and I’d be less tired and ready for action–POW! Then maybe I’d get a chance to change into that catsuit, might be fun for all…


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