Another To Dog Day

Like many small children my daughter is a lover of dogs. I had to teach her how to approach them respectfully and carefully at a very early age because of the magnetic draw between she and them. Now, we can’t go any where without stopping to visit, pet and be licked by the endless numbers of canines we come across in a day. And darn it if the majority aren’t totally cute and I can visualize each one lying with their head in her lap while she lounges in the family room. This happens frequently.

So I greatly appreciate when other more clear headed people remind me of the barking nights, early a.m. poops on the floor (and God forbid on your wildly expensive living room rug!) and interrupted days racing back home to let the beloved dog out. Plus there is the whole doggy sitting expense and inconvenience when one is away. I wasn’t planning on a third child so why in heaven’s name would I consider getting a dog?!

I mean other than the fact that all kids deserve the experience of having a dog. Right? Still, we really loved our cat and were totally devastated when he died. Might another cat be enough? They are SO much easier after all. And pretty darn cozy as well.

Help me out here folks. Am I the worlds worst mom if I deprive my kids of ever experiencing Life With Dog? Or am I keeping my already on the edge of overwhelming life a little saner by saying No Dog? To dog or not to dog? STILL that is the question.


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