Walmart: My Americana

EcoMoms everywhere who have ever been Walmart junkies can sigh a little sigh of relief. I read a snippet today about Walmart’s reusable bag giveaway, and I was happy to see my old favorite Canadian-make-me-feel-like-I’m-back-in-the- States-store was attempting to go green.

Truly, when I moved to Ottawa, Ontario in 1993, I had to ask myself what kind of freaky place I had agreed to move to.  All stores, except the Quickie Mart, were closed on Sundays. If that wasn’t shocking enough, to know what the heck I was buying, I had to spin things around at the grocery store to turn the French labels into English.  Milk came in bags.  Meat came in kilos.

When Walmart opened in Kanata, I took one look at the store hours–open past 6 on weekdays and open on Sunday, I felt a tinge of relief (I was actually in a panic about stores being closed on Sundays and holidays, though I learned to love it).  Ahhhh, how American, a store chock full of everything you didn’t need and needed at the same time.  

My shopping at Walmart became such a comfort habit, that I had to de-Walmartize myself when I moved to Swank County in 1999.  It wasn’t too hard, there are many stores here where you can shop for useless junk. Although, I never shop at Walmart now (we don’t have one), it made the cold, Canadian winters a little more friendly and eased my capitalist consumer loneliness.

Go for the green Walmart!


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