Hybrid Mom

It’s strange to go to an EcoMom gathering or to read an article about healthy eating and realize, hey, I already do ALL of these things.  On the other hand, I’m still a girl from the midwest and occasionally find myself making a recipe with Miracle Whip or Campbell’s Soup–not Cool Whip, though, because I draw the line on any food that has “Edible Oil Product” written on the FRONT of its label.

Yes, where I was born and bred, kids still go to McDonald’s for Happy Meals.  Chips and dip are still served at parties. People drink Coke and Pepsi and still have heated discussions over which is superior.  Pizza from Dominos or Pizza Hut still arrives for dinner on a Wednesday night and Faygo Red Pop, not milk, is the beverage–and no, you don’t need to serve it with baby carrots and broccolli to balance out the meal.  

Conversely, if we ever even drive past a McDonald’s, my kids come up with all kinds of environmental statistics about why one should NEVER go to such a place.  Even my 9 year old daughter said, recently when we were on vacation, “Is this fair trade, organic sugar?  I really don’t want to use it if it’s not fair trade.”  Where these kids are born and bred you don’t eat fast food, drink soda (or juice for that matter), or buy the dirty dozen.

I guess, therefore,  I am a little bit of a hybrid mom.  I mostly buy organic, recycle and occasionally make it to a meditation class. However, I still can be found in my kitchen with a steak knife, chocolate bunny and a jar of peanut butter pigging out.  




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