Tooth Trouble

As you may have gathered from my previous Tooth Fairy anecdotes, we are regular visitors to our pediatric dentist.  My kids are not all that committed to the whole brushing and flossing idea.  Despite threats to have them pay for any future cavities out of their allowances, we are still rocking the cavity club.

Kid Three (K3) just had two cavities filled last week.  At the tender age of six, she was a bit shaken by the experience–though I was watching her wondering if I could possibly get my dental work done at the pediatric office. She had laughing gas, a story on cd, sunglasses and a little mirror to watch the whole procedure.  

At the end of the cavity filling ordeal, K3 was given the option of the “special” treasures.  She could choose a light up bracelet, a birthstone ring or a fuzzy flamingo pen in, addition to her visit to the regular treasure box. Her eyes alight, excited by her loot, she skipped merrily out of the dentist’s office.

Later that day, I reminded her it was time to brush her teeth before bed.  

K3:  Mom, I don’t really feel like it.

Me:  You have to, or you’re going to get more cavities.

K3:  It’s o-k, mom, I don’t mind getting cavities.

Me:  What do you mean???

K3:  When you get cavities filled, you get the cool prizes.  I would like to go back and get one of the rings and a light up bracelet.

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