Spa Toast


This is to the lovely Burke Williams Spa.  Entering the spa suite, my therapist said, “I have to apologize in advance for the noise level in this room.  We are right next to the nail room and they are really loud.”

My lovely massage music was the tune of doors slamming, people laughing, yelling, banging, and all kinds of conversation.  At the end of the massage I told my therapist that she did a great job, but there was no relaxation at all with the party going on next door.

Then she admitted to me that we were also adjacent to the break room.

The director, on the way out, apologized and said that he had had this complaint many times before.  DUH! He handed me a pass to use the “spa facilities” on my next visit to the city.  Are you kidding me???  If it’s broke, brother, why the hell don’t you fix it?

As my friend says, “A bad massage is like bad sex.  You might as well never have had it in the first place.” So much for their Signature Pure Relaxation massage:

  Massage Close 
  Pure Relaxation
  A blend of Swedish and circulatory massage strokes promoting body/mind relaxation. It will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated. This style of massage can be experienced in a lighter or stronger style.
Half Session (25 min)
Full Session (50 min)
Deluxe Session (80 min)




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