Inspector 12

Does anyone remember the Hanes Underwear commercials with Inspector 12? Sometimes I feel like I’m my own version of Inspector 12.  If there is one spot the painter missed on the wall–I can see it.  Trying to pull a little surprise party action on me?  Even if I don’t want to know, I’ll find some minute piece of lint out of place and figure it out.

Gifts under the Christmas tree?  I can nail what’s in there by the shape and size of the box.  Trying to whisper a secret?  I have a knack for hearing that a police dog would admire when it comes to eavesdropping.  

Frankly, sometimes this makes life a little depressing.  That crack in the ceiling?  Saw it and I’m thinking about it right now…

I’m officially putting my family on alert:  kids, thinking about a party when we are out of town? Remember this post. Husband, thinking about an starting a second family in Key West, Florida?  You all are on Mom Watch and never going to get away with nothing. Nothing I tell you!


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