This is How it Happens

Life around here is expensive! For example, today I spent $235 on a latte and $40 more on organic bananas! After all, I’m a big believer in organic despite the additional expense.

OK, technically both the coffee and the bananas were less than $3 apiece. However, had I not stopped for either one of those things I would not have earned an additional 275 mileage points on my Mastercard. ( That’s a good thing, right? )

No doubt some of you are raising your eyebrows in judgement while others understand completely and have no need of an explanation. The latter may not wish to read on because I do feel the need to unburden myself. How does one spend nearly $300 on coffee and bananas? Quite easily I’m afraid.

As I was on my way home from a Dr.’s appointment I stopped at Peet’s for a coffee. Strolling back to the car I was drawn into a local shoe store by the kid’s sandals in the window. On my way to the kid section I happened across an interesting pair of mom type sandals. Long story short; they were cute, they fit, yadayada… I bought them. Did I mention how cute they were?

Coffee finished, shoes in hand I was on my way again back to my car when I paused to wonder if Mollie Stone’s carried organic bananas. Indeed they do. I nearly made it out in under $3 when I ran into a friend. Knowing my penchant for a good CabFranc she showed me to the last two bottles of one she recommended. She being a chef ( check out her blog TasteFood ) and savvy about wines I naturally snapped them up. They were under $20 after all! Hence the $40 banana expedition.

So you see how it happens. Hopefully my husband won’t read this particular entry. On the other hand, UPS does make frequent trips to our home with oddly shaped boxes bearing return labels from such places as Patagonia and other sporty.coms. I guess hopping on the computer innocently to check your Email can lead you to add on the mileage points as well.


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