Monthly Archives: April 2008

Wednesday Night Dinner–Mermaid Style

Lord knows I do my best cooking while driving in my car and dialing an order en route to the restaurant for take out.  You may even be familiar with my best use for tupperware.   My poor, unsuspecting husband actually thought I could cook before he married me. Early on in our relationship I served […]


There’s Eco and Then There’s Extreme Eco-nomizing

  Thanks to The Fail Blog and Stacey M. for reminding us that there is a point where we should just stop…

Mommy, I Want A Pregnant Duck

By some stroke of genius, our school auctioned off a hamster at the annual school auction.  The furry, little creature was brought to school and put on display in the hallway.  At every minute of the day, even when the kids were supposed to be in class, there was at least one, tiny, hopeful face […]

Yellback to Tote Bag Post

I know this sounds ridiculous, but I am now carrying around baskets for my high end shopping and regular totes for my grocery shopping. Now I can distinguish between which bags I need to bring into the house, and which baskets I need to leave in the car or hide in the garage (until I […]

Hey, I Know, Let’s Give ‘Em A Tote Bag

All right, I realize that I just applauded Walmart for going green, but now Macy’s is giving bags away, too. Shopping at Mollie Stone’s last week, they were having a two for one deal on their reusable bags.  Even at charity events and community celebrations, tote bags are all the rage as parting gifts.   […]

Walmart: My Americana

EcoMoms everywhere who have ever been Walmart junkies can sigh a little sigh of relief. I read a snippet today about Walmart’s reusable bag giveaway, and I was happy to see my old favorite Canadian-make-me-feel-like-I’m-back-in-the- States-store was attempting to go green. Truly, when I moved to Ottawa, Ontario in 1993, I had to ask myself what kind of freaky […]


Well, the Tooth Fairy is up to her old tricks again.   K2 spent last night scrubbing her newly lost tooth with baking soda so that it was two shades whiter than the teeth remaining in her mouth.  She was certain that the Tooth Fairy would give more money for an ultra clean tooth.   […]

Another To Dog Day

Like many small children my daughter is a lover of dogs. I had to teach her how to approach them respectfully and carefully at a very early age because of the magnetic draw between she and them. Now, we can’t go any where without stopping to visit, pet and be licked by the endless numbers […]

You Got Me!

  I’m the one wearing the catsuit (not Jeans),  doing the karate chop moves while swinging Tarzan-style on the rope (BANG!) and riding the hog with my hair flying in the wind (OOOFFF!).  I’ve got Batman and Robin exactly where I want them…and it has very little to do with tupperware.  BAM! My Batman and […]

Yell Back to Tupperware

That’s not a bat! It’s Robin looking for his batcave! Mermaid, are you keeping something from us?