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Yell Back: Imperfect Purses

Oh absolutely keep the bag. Summer is coming and we all need a little white something – even if it’s got a little black something on it. That just means it’s yours! You can spot it in a crowd. If someone tries to take it, you can say, “It’s mine. I know because it’s got […]

No More Teachers, No More Books, No More Peaceful Grocery Shopping

I don’t usually take my little sidekicks to the grocery store.  The normal routine is to eject them from the car at the school drop off, beeline it early to Trader Joe’s(before the crazy people get out of bed and get there) and then stroll blissfully up and down the aisles with no particular agenda […]

The Push Pull: YAP BACK TO Slow This Thing Down

In a hurry this morning, I booted my kindergartner (K3) out of the car and told her sister (K2) to walk her down to her classroom.   Usually, I walk K3 into class and get her settled.  She sweetly hugs me and kisses me and kisses me some more and holds onto any appendage that […]

Slow This Thing Down

My kids are growing up! Didn’t see that one coming. OK, intellectually I realize this is the nature of things but still… People have always gone on about how it all goes so fast and one day they’re gone, blah blah. When you are changing your 9th diaper at noon, your child seems less than […]

From the Mouths of Babes: Issue 2

Mermaid:  Why is there a roll of aluminum foil in your room? K2:  K3 was trying to make the cat a space suit.

Imperfect Purses: Add Shopaholic To My Profile If You Haven’t Already

So, I fell in love with an imperfect bag at the Nordstrom Half Yearly sale.  It is a little white Kate Spade number made of satin with a little flower.  I didn’t buy it because it had a little black mark on the side, and I was thinking $180 is too much for something that […]

For the Record: Why I’m Ostraconophobic Part 1

I’ve lived a long and fairly happy life as an Ostraconophobic.  Until 30 seconds ago, I didn’t even know that there was an official name for my “condition”–got to love google.  Not only is there an official name, but there are official websites, summits and programs to help people just like me.  I am not […]

Church of the Saturday Night Tequila

As said, the Church of Saturday Night Tequila knows no shame until Sunday morning. Tequila is a great party friend, but it will kick the crap out of you when you’re down the next morning. Some even experience it leaving the body, making it impossible to forget the deal you forged with the devil. The […]

Ostraconophobic: Visual

This is how I think:   =  Which looks yummier to you?

Alarming Posts

All these posts about alarms reminds me that in two weeks, we’ll be living in an alternate universe. The husbands will be off to work (if they still have jobs with this recession) and we’ll be lolling in bed while trying to plan in our heads how we’re going to get through the day without […]