Verizon Wireless Toast

Here’s a Mombshell Toast to Verizon Wireless.  I was floored by Verizon’s customer service today.  My daughter’s phone had a little, ahem, moisture problem.  K2 (Kid Two) was in tears.  My dad said, “Let’s take it back and ask them to give us a new phone.”

I eyed my daughter’s pink motorola razor and laughed at my dad’s suggestion.  “They are not going to give us a new phone.  We bought it in September.”  

My dad, K2 and I took the phone in to the local store.  My dad asked if there was anything they could do to save the phone.  The customer service rep looked at the battery and said, “It looks like you have had some kind of moisture in your phone.  That’s not covered under the warranty, but I’ll see what I can do.”

By golly, if K2 didn’t leave that store with a new phone!  Thank you, Verizon, for making a little girl’s day.


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