Blondeshell, Is It Time To Tell Our Scissor Slasher ? (Yell Back to Scissor Techniques)

What happens when 2 five year old best friends decide to plant their hair in the garden?  

Remember, it’s Mermaid talking here.  If my kid shaved her head with hedge trimmers, I’d laugh about it and be glad that her head was still attached to her neck.  Blondeshell, on the other hand, well….you’d have to see Blondeshell’s magnificent, sexy, luxurious locks to know how much she loves long hair.

I thought that it was the end of the momship when Mermaid K3 cut Blondeshell K2’s own beautiful golden locks on a playdate at our house.  Short.  Seems MK3 had convinced BK2 that the hair would grow in our garden…


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