A Little Thing I’d Like To Call The Grandma Sweater

Another memorable event on our Margaritaville retreat was a little SHOPPING INTERVENTION.  This occurs when your friends SHOP BLOCK you from making an inappropriate selection.  

This particular BLOCK involved a frumpy sweater.  I was particularly smitten with the coziness of this knitted creation, but in the humble opinion of my Shellfriends, it didn’t outweigh the frumpy factor–therefore, in the end, I was not allowed to buy it.

Picture me: wearing it around the shop, checking it out from all angles in the three way mirror.  I snuggled into the softness and thought of freezing nights in front of the fire with my new, comfy sweater. Completely unsuspecting, I failed to notice that Blondeshell had disappeared out of the shop to get Bangshell for an immediate INTERVENTION.

Later Blonde would admit that she knew when I pulled out my credit card that she had to act fast.  She yanked Bangshell out of the shop down the street and they both rushed to save me from the brink of fashion danger.

They both appeared through the door–light streaming in behind them like a halo.  Bangshell lunged so quickly for me that the credit card never left my fingertips.  She matter of factly pronounced it an “OLD LADY SWEATER.”   This was right in front of the old lady running the cash register at the shop.  Shamefully, I placed it back on the hanger and left the shop with my head hanging low.

Yes, that was a darn good BLOCK.  Alas, I’m not that rational.  I had spent a fraction of a moment too long wrapped in the coziness.  Yes, the sweater and I had bonded, and it was torture to leave it abandoned on the rack with the other sweaters.  Am I not an old lady?  I turn 40 soon…

Just to let the Shells and the world know that  this is all not over with the GRANDMA SWEATER.  Would I drive 40 minutes to a little shop and buy the horrid offender just to have a good laugh?  You can take the girl out of the midwest, but you just can’t take the midwest frumpy out of the girl…



  1. midwin
    Posted May 13, 2008 at 8:46 am | Permalink

    Why yes, I believe you would return to the scene of the crime. A good laugh can be hard to come by these days. I can definately verify that the value of a grandma sweater increases exponentially in cooler climes.

  2. Mermaid
    Posted May 13, 2008 at 9:13 am | Permalink

    See? That’s WHAT I’M talking about…I am from places very cold. Good point I like you midwin. Wink, wink.

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