Cows Do Have Horns!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Shells!  I can’t believe your pooh poohing made me shrink from believing in myself.  Darn right, as a dairy farmer’s daughter I should know this stuff, and I guess I do. Read on below:


  Surprisingly—for us city folks at least—cows (that is, mature female cattle) can have horns! In fact, there are several cattle breeds in which the cows have horns. To name just a few: the Danish Red, the White Park, and the Texas Longhorn.      

Having horns works both ways; that is, cattle without horns can be bulls. The Angus and the Red Poll are examples of breeds that are hornless, be they cow or be they bull!

This is the picture that was in my head the whole time:  one of my childhood favorites:


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