Party Planning

Dear husband says, “Hey, let’s have a bash! A good old Party! Lots of people!” Then he downed another bourbon.

I said, “Oh.”

I took a look at the email invite list. Downed another bourbon.

Now I’m planning a party. 

Husband is at work.

I’ve been to the Farmer’s Market, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, William Sonoma, Big Four Rents, the corner Market, Costco and the local Home Depot.

Husband is at work.
I’ve hired a caterer, a bartender, a waitress, a gardener, two babysitters and a driver to shuttle people to and from Bash.

Husband is at work.

I’ve thunk and rethunk food, drinks, (to red wine, or not to red wine), music (to DJ or not to DJ – love that IPod),  flowers, inside decorations, outside decorations, lighting, landscaping and parking.

Husband is at work.

Today was jury duty, x-rays for my bronchitis, party planning, booze tallying, kid shuttling and dinner cooking.

Husband was at work (oh, and the ball game).

Saturday, I’m partying.



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  1. Mermaid
    Posted May 20, 2008 at 11:58 am | Permalink

    Parties for husbands are like holidays. They show up and viola there are gifts and decorations and beautiful food–magic! It’s like they believe in the party fairy.

    Meanwhile, I think holidays and big parties must be on the list of reasons you can check off when you’re admitting yourself to the mental ward.

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