Yellback: Cows have horns

Okay, Mermaid. I understand the childhood yearn for all dreams and images to actually be true. But really – I like the bulls have horns and cows (female) have those little nubby things that don’t even pass for horns on their heads. Now that was MY childhood image. Let’s google images for an actual image – but hey, wiat, how do you know that that cow is not a bull. Click your shoes three times and (oh gag) let’s take that bull by the horns!!!

This is the best that I can come up with!

It’s pink, and it’s got horns – but if you ask me – they are very nubby horns!!!!!


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  1. Mermaid
    Posted May 15, 2008 at 9:54 pm | Permalink

    No self-respecting bull would have such curly, feminine eyelashes. I had a riding instructor that once said, “When in doubt, look underneath and see if you can see a penis. That’s how you tell a girl from a boy.”

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