God, I Mean I ONLY had Four Glasses of Wine!

The morning after can always be a  little scary.  I now know why Sunday mornings were reserved for Church going and begging forgiveness.  It’s perfectly natural that Saturday nights would be followed by a good, sobering dose of religion.

Just last weekend I was sitting around a round table of reformers.  We had all been stung by the party habit–meaning, we’ve all had morning ‘afters’ where we wish we could rewind and erase the actions of the night ‘befores’.  

I’m not just talking hangover, I’m talking about the “I did WHAT??????!!!!!” The chilling morning after moments where spouses or friends recount how you danced topless(or bottemless or naked, you know who you are!)-on-a-table kind of memories.

The times when you’re too-honest-for-your-own-good kind of memories.  Or when you let secrets-tumble-effortlessly-from-your-lips-kind-of-memories.  Or, the absolute worst, absolutely-no-memories-of-what-you-did-or-said memories.

Anyway, us REformers, sat soberly about the table,  sipping our glasses of wine, looking like the elder council.  We watched the young, wild ones kick up their heels, and knock back shots.  One by one we said we didn’t drink the hard stuff anymore since…and we all had a story about why we only drink wine.

However, if you drink the whole bottle of wine, I’m sorry to say, that you might end up in the same place tequila will take you.  That’s why we all need a little religion–the church of Saturday night tequila knows no shame, that is, until Sunday morning.


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