Seriously, Late Again?!


I feel remarkably refreshed today. I slept for 8 hours! On the down side, we overslept and the kids were late to school. AGAIN. I suppose I could blame it on my husband. He ordinarily resets the alarm when he leaves early. (Couldn’t be my fault for staying up late to catch up on my never seen episodes of Project Runway).

 Why is it that I have to wake my kids up every school day but they are up bright and early on their own on the weekends? We have a no TV policy during the school week. Are they so anxious to watch television that they get themselves up early for it? It alarms me somewhat to think this although I remember well the bliss of Saturday morning cartoons in my PJs. I want them to enjoy some of those moments as well, especially given the hectic schedules that we keep.

Not that I want to go there but, I wonder, would they actually sleep later Saturday if they had television privileges during the week? Which to me translates as…if they are allowed to burn their brains a bit more would they then take the extra time to recharge them? Since my husband and I do like to attempt to sleep in on no work/ no school days we are particularly annoyed by the early morning fights over what shows to watch or, more recently, the less than musical sounds of Guitar Hero floating up to our bedroom. We recently told my son he was not to turn on anything with a screen prior to 8 am. Miracle of miracles, he slept in. Until 8. My daughter, on the other hand, can’t tell time yet so there is that hurdle to overcome.

All of this will soon be put on hold until the fall. As my son reminded me just this morning, there are only 12 days of school left before the summer break. I believe I actually shivered in my boots. OK, my tennis shoes, but you know what I’m talking about.

This will require new television policies, new schedules and lots of deep breathing. Then, come next fall we will be turning over a New Leaf. No more being late to school. No more Mr. Nice Guy. ( No more late night Project Runway )?



  1. Mermaid
    Posted May 19, 2008 at 4:44 pm | Permalink

    It’s funny how 15 or 20 minutes of extra uninterrupted sleep can be blissful. I read somewhere that if we slept until any time we wanted each day, we would sleep later and later until we lap ourselves.

  2. Mermaid
    Posted May 20, 2008 at 11:53 am | Permalink

    C’mon, what’s the deal with Project Runway? Why are so many people hooked on it?

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