Church of the Saturday Night Tequila

As said, the Church of Saturday Night Tequila knows no shame until Sunday morning. Tequila is a great party friend, but it will kick the crap out of you when you’re down the next morning.

Some even experience it leaving the body, making it impossible to forget the deal you forged with the devil. The deal that sounded good at the time and that was probably made with less than clear as a bell judgement.

Thus, here are some coping strategies I personally recommend:
1. Hair of the dog–not always my favorite at first sip, but usually helps. 
2. A 32 ounce bottle of Gatorade. Drink it all down and you will feel better, I promise.
3. Massage. Something about a massage that makes it all a little better.
4. If all else fails, complete steps 1-3 and stay in bed all day. Don’t converse, you will be crabby and might not like what you say or how you say it to your loved ones.

Note: If you are still feeling the effects on Tuesday or Wednesday, you are too old to be partying that hard. It’s not worth it and you should skip it.


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