The Push Pull: YAP BACK TO Slow This Thing Down

In a hurry this morning, I booted my kindergartner (K3) out of the car and told her sister (K2) to walk her down to her classroom.  

Usually, I walk K3 into class and get her settled.  She sweetly hugs me and kisses me and kisses me some more and holds onto any appendage that she can to prevent me from leaving.  She isn’t crying–she’s full of mommy love.  I have to pry myself out of her clutches to leave her and start my day.

But this morning, K1 was sick, and I needed to get back home.  When I stepped outside the running car to say good bye, I looked up from kissing my 4th grader, K2, and K3 was heading into school by herself. I yelled for her to wait for her sister and she finally turned and her sister caught up with her.  They joined hands and walked off into school.

I felt empty.


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