No More Teachers, No More Books, No More Peaceful Grocery Shopping

I don’t usually take my little sidekicks to the grocery store.  The normal routine is to eject them from the car at the school drop off, beeline it early to Trader Joe’s(before the crazy people get out of bed and get there) and then stroll blissfully up and down the aisles with no particular agenda but my own.  Yesterday, however was different, we had NO SCHOOL and NO FOOD.  This required a family field trip–everyone in the van!

We managed to fill the cart to the brim with minimal torture and fighting. In the checkout line, watching the items roll by on the conveyor belt, I wondered if we had accidently switched carts with someone else.  What was that next to the organic carrots? How did THAT get smuggled between the organic milk and my organic cranberry green tea???  The cashier looked at me as if we were having a party…and she wanted to come, too!

I spied chocolate-dipped madeleines, lemon tarts, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, popsicles and mini chocolate bundt cakes.  All items carefully chosen by my little helpers.  These are not my normal purchases, but dang, I was drooling and looking for excuses to keep them.  Part of me wondered how those mini bundt cakes would taste, and man I can tell you now, they taste REALLY good. 

Three days and three mini bundt cakes later, I’m sitting in front of the computer realizing that I only have 9 more days of thoughtful grocery gathering left. Yes, folks, it’s almost summer vacation and it’s coming like a tidal wave curling in the distance.  For now, I’m having my mini bundt cakes and eating them, too, right now for breakfast, whilst writing.  Can’t do this all summer, I’ll be the size of an NFL linebacker.


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