Monthly Archives: May 2008

I’m Movin’ Out (Of the Bedroom)

Allright, today’s the day I figure out if my husband ever reads this thing.  I’ve mentioned moving out of the bedroom before, but today, I know it’s a thing I will have to do.   Picture the woman who needs the most sleep recommended by doctors–I’m talking the full 9 hours!  If I don’t get […]

A Little Mermaid Fun

Seriously, Late Again?!

  I feel remarkably refreshed today. I slept for 8 hours! On the down side, we overslept and the kids were late to school. AGAIN. I suppose I could blame it on my husband. He ordinarily resets the alarm when he leaves early. (Couldn’t be my fault for staying up late to catch up on […]

God, I Mean I ONLY had Four Glasses of Wine!

The morning after can always be a  little scary.  I now know why Sunday mornings were reserved for Church going and begging forgiveness.  It’s perfectly natural that Saturday nights would be followed by a good, sobering dose of religion. Just last weekend I was sitting around a round table of reformers.  We had all been […]

Mombshell Kisses To Robert Sinskey!

 On our retreat we visited Robert Sinskey Vineyards.  Not only were we treated to wine tasting bliss–it was organic wine tasting bliss.  EcoMoms out there take note:  if you want to taste some orgasmic organic wines, this is the place to come.  All three Mombshells were ooooohhhhing and ahhhhing over the delight our tastebuds found […]

Party Planning Part 2

Me – hey Him – hey Me – jsut blogged Him – ok i am coming up Him – yo udid?! Him – love it Me – you’re going to hate it Him – wait   Him – HEY Him – I AM KEEPING THE LIST Him – I AM DOING THE MUSIC Me – keeper […]

Party Planning

Dear husband says, “Hey, let’s have a bash! A good old Party! Lots of people!” Then he downed another bourbon. I said, “Oh.” I took a look at the email invite list. Downed another bourbon. Now I’m planning a party.  Husband is at work. I’ve been to the Farmer’s Market, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, […]

Yellback: Cows have horns

Okay, Mermaid. I understand the childhood yearn for all dreams and images to actually be true. But really – I like the bulls have horns and cows (female) have those little nubby things that don’t even pass for horns on their heads. Now that was MY childhood image. Let’s google images for an actual image […]

Cows Do Have Horns!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Shells!  I can’t believe your pooh poohing made me shrink from believing in myself.  Darn right, as a dairy farmer’s daughter I should know this stuff, and I guess I do. Read on below:     Surprisingly—for us city folks at least—cows (that is, mature female cattle) […]

Yell Back to Blondeshell’s Volunteer Warning

Just read a really funny post over at Not Afraid to Use It.  Her post about volunteering made me think about Blondeshell’s post Warning.  We never learn, do we?  At least I don’t.   Maybe instead of SHOP BLOCKING me my friends could just walk around school and hold my arm down or slap me […]