Monthly Archives: May 2008

THE Alfalfa Sprout

There are some things, I’m sorry to say, that really sadden me.  One is when I tell my kids in the morning that they need to comb their hair because they have an Alfalfa Sprout and they give me the blank stare.  After constant examples, they understand what I mean, but they have no point […]

A Little Thing I’d Like To Call The Grandma Sweater

Another memorable event on our Margaritaville retreat was a little SHOPPING INTERVENTION.  This occurs when your friends SHOP BLOCK you from making an inappropriate selection.   This particular BLOCK involved a frumpy sweater.  I was particularly smitten with the coziness of this knitted creation, but in the humble opinion of my Shellfriends, it didn’t outweigh […]

Creative Advertising For Crap

On our little Margaritaville retreat, we went to a store closing sale.  Nothing gets the vultures circling like a BIG sign that says 60% OFF. Clawing and pawing through things that weren’t going to sell even if they were 90% off, we had to shake heads, roll eyes and point silently towards some of the […]

These Shoes Might Be Made For Walkin’

Breakfast foot fashion during the Mombshell retreat.  Is a picture still  worth a thousand words?  We had a good Mombshell chuckle about appropriate brunch footwear.  

A Tale of Two Families

I’d better give a little personal background info here:  My husband’s family is a MARATHON family.  They have to exercise or they go crazy.  On Christmas day they strategize how to make non-fat gravy and then it’s off to the gym for their workout.   My family is the EATING family.  On Christmas day we […]

Computer Butt

All right, we’ve been working on this blog thing for a while.  The more writing and reading I do, the more I spend a gazillion hours in front of the computer.  Screen time has sucked my small budget of exercise time dry. Now that hiking has kind of taken a back seat to typing (you […]

Yell Back to the Thrill of the Margaritarator

I have a good feeling about this Mermaid. If all goes well that shiny, new Margaritarator should be humming by tequila hour tomorrow! I’m channeling PeeWee Herman on the bar top. Where are my platform shoes?

Blondeshell, Is It Time To Tell Our Scissor Slasher ? (Yell Back to Scissor Techniques)

What happens when 2 five year old best friends decide to plant their hair in the garden?   Remember, it’s Mermaid talking here.  If my kid shaved her head with hedge trimmers, I’d laugh about it and be glad that her head was still attached to her neck.  Blondeshell, on the other hand, well….you’d have […]

Scissor Techniques

They’ve all done it at one time or another… Yes, third kid decided to apply her newly honed scissor techniques on something other than the cat’s tail. The refrain from a great song by The Who in Quadrophenia keeps ringing through my brain: Why should I care if I have to cut my hair. I […]

Air Pillow In Soul

On a recent travel expedition, Mermaid and I were browsing the SouthWest Airlines air shopping catalogue. We thought that the most important, desperately needed item was this: Mermaid and I were having quite a chuckle over the inflatable air pillow. I mean, how (insert word here – desperate, foolish, sleep-deprived, drunk, hungover, depressed) do you […]