Monthly Archives: June 2008

Additional Gratuity: To Insure Prompt Service

Returning home from a trip to NYC with my husband,  I’ve had a couple of days to contemplate many things. My most favorite thing to do on a vacation is sleep.  It occurred to me, as I sat in my catbird seat high above the city, that I could be having this experience closer to […]

Thelma and Louise Summer Camp for 6 Year Olds

It’s day 5 at the beach house, and we haven’t seen Thelma and her sidekick, Louise, for days.  As soon as we arrived, Mermaid K3 and Blondeshell K2, BFFs, disappeared into their self titled “dorm.” The mini mighty amazon girls settled in Kid Animal-House-Style: clothing everywhere, snacks hidden under the bed, a big jug of spring […]

Life’s A Beach House

The husbands melded back into the work world and left the moms and kids to fend for themselves at the beach rental house. Wonder Women that we are, we fixed the dryer, did laundry, made and tidied breakfast, fixed the collapsed shower curtain tension rod, made and tidied up lunch, fixed the bamboo Ikea blinds […]

83 Minutes and 03 Seconds…on the phone with Blondeshell

Some of us are phone talkers.  We chat and chat and chat.  We chat and do laundry, tidy the house, drive the car, cook the dinner, walk to school, chat chat chat.  If we ever meet up with other phone talkers look out!  We are the people that make unlimited long distance a phone company’s […]

Random Acts of Unkindness

We’ve all heard Oprah talk about practicing random acts of kindness–put a coin in the old expired meter and that kind of stuff.  I’ve seen it sung on the back of bumpers and I belong to a group at school whose mission is to be the actors of the kindness.  I like the kindness, I […]

1987 Cutlass Ciera: Grandma Sweater, Meet Grandma Car

When we first moved to Swank County in 1999, I drove a grey, spotless, 1987 Cutlass Ciera.  The ‘grandma car,’ as we called it, was actually bought from my grandma in 1991.  When she owned it, every night that car slept in her garage.  The car was washed regularly, the inside smelled like new and […]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Shop Sloshed

O-k, so can somebody tell me why I have a peacock faux diamond hair comb and a heart-shaped diamond ring the size of a kiwi?  I looked at my vanity this morning and had to remember what exactly was going through my mind when I flipped out the magic plastic for those items last night. […]

Alternate Title: Funny Thing Kid’s Make

When our pet questing daughter announced that she was Queen of the Chinchillas, she crafted her very own crown.  You never know what kids can do with tin foil (think a space suit for our cat), scotch tape, a hair tie and a Ranger Rick magazine. We are the kid-run craft house.  Imagination runs wild […]

From the Mouths of Babes Issue 3: Stars

Ever wonder how little 6 year old brains put the universe in order?  This just in from K3, self-proclaimed Queen of the Chinchillas: The moon and the sun take a sponge and put it down in Earth’s water lake.  It takes up the whole lake and they squeeeze it down on the Earth and they […]

Last Official Day of Chaos? Or the first?

This was my Saturday last weekend… 1.  Woke up early.  Bought donuts, juice boxes, ice and yogurts at the local grocery store.  Dumped ice in cooler in back of the car and added the snacks, picked up husband from coffee shop and high-tailed it  to a 9:00 Coach Pitch Little League Game.  Tried to find […]