I danced with Mick Jagger the other night. FU-UN! That dude can GYRATE… and I wasn’t looking too shabby my own self. Mick actually came up afterwards and complimented me on my fine moves. Oh All Right. So maybe it wasn’t THE Mick but it was the Unauthorized Mick and most likely the closest I will ever get to bumping up to a Rolling Stone. He and his band were good musicians, great fun and almost believable if you squinted your eyes and forgot about lips.

We were at a friend’s 50th birthday bash. From what I could tell, she had a fantastic time at her celebration, which is the most important thing, and not always easy at your own event. I’ve been to a lot of different parties lately and they get me thinking about how I really want to celebrate my own upcoming Bday…what would feel truly special to me.

One weekend we went to two very different parties. Friday night’s was a charming birthday party in a beautiful home with superb catering. The women wore cocktail attire and no one broke anything. I don’t think. Swank, as my friend Mermaid would say. Saturday night was a sweet celebration of marriage in a couple’s somewhat more funky apartment. The furniture had been removed from the living room to make room for the most excellent band and dancing. There was a bowl of pot with rolling papers in each room. Appetizers, if you will. There was food somewhere but it was clearly not the focus. Although the wedding cake was most enjoyable. ( I make it a point never to leave before the cake is served ).

There have been several others, most of them fun in one way or another. So what is the best way to have a party? Is it about the food, the music, the quality of alcohol, the crowd or the perfect combination of all?  I imagine it’s like art and very subjective. When I think of the parties I most enjoyed it usually comes down to the company I kept. ( And sometimes the dancing ).

So when my friends asked me what I wanted for this birthday I began to wonder what the perfect thing would be. For me. ( By the way, The Perfect Thing is a personal issue of mine but that’s a whole other blog ). Should I have a big blowout with music and dancing? That way, I could reciprocate and invite all the nice friends from Level 1 to Level 3 who have been so kind as to include me at their many events. Plus, imagine all the cool gifts! Yet then it really isn’t about me anymore but more about being socially correct.

 The truth is, as much as I like going to parties of all shapes and sizes, all I want for me is a sweet, intimate night with my bestest friends in a place that feels good. With candles. Plus a really good glass of wine, some delicious food and just the right cake. Perfect.


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  1. calbinson
    Posted June 3, 2008 at 11:06 pm | Permalink

    I will come to your Emotional Rescue. For your Beggars Banquet – think Bridges to Babylon and Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out!

    What to get a girl who has everything…
    Some Girls want Flowers. Some Girls are Out of Our Heads. Some Girls like Hot Rocks, Forty Licks, and Sticky Fingers. Some Girls just want A Bigger Bang(-;

    The party is always better with Slow Rollers to help with Metamorphosis, but sometimes it is just Still Life Made in the Shade Between the Buttons.

    As for the food – nothing wrong with a little Goat’s Heads Soup!

    Party sftermath should always be Black and Blue, Wild Horses, Dirty Work, Tattoo You, and Stripped(-;

    Let It Bleed baby and Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out!

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