Blondeshell, I’ve Found It!

Blondeshell, I’ve found it, the perfect dog for you.  It even looks like that King Henry type of dog that you have your eye on.  

Or there is always this:

It might feel more realistic to take the plastic wrap off, or, leave it on, they stay cleaner that way.  Start small and work you way up?  Both cost less than $29.99 and the food and vet bills will be very minimal.  I also doubt either option will chew your furniture or use your rug as the great outdoors.  

At this price and maintenance level you could afford to get all three.  You don’t have to worry about what to do with them when you travel.  I think they would be fine in a duffel bag in cargo.  AND, last but not least, and maybe most, these dogs will even get along swimmingly with your new, litttle KITTEN!!!!!!!!


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