Yap Back: Party Like A Rock Star

There is no doubt that we live in the land of excess in Swank County.  I read somewhere that people here are perennially in pursuit of youth.  If they are doing that, then why are they celebrating their birthdays in such a big, public way?  Seems like these Dorian Greys would want to quietly sweep these milestones under their hand-knotted persian rugs.

However, the trend of late is to have a birthday blow-out bash to go down in history. Each party outdoes the last one, everyone wants a unique, FUN, memorable experience.  Live bands, sumptuous dinners, fireworks, dancing on the bar, swinging on a circus trapeze,  limos, gorgeous venues, flying your 100 closest friends to Mexico…  Things just keep getting more and more lush.

I think the grown-ups have taken their cue from the Swank County kid’s parties.  Why should the under 10 set get to have more fun than the people that earn the money?  At these mind blowing ‘children’s’ parties we’ve seen magicians, princesses, pirates, safaris, portable climbing gyms, djs, jumpies, ponies, rock star busses to transport the kids to box seats at a sports game, extreme crafts, wedding cake decorating, gymnastics, laser tag. and even group trips to Disney.  

What happened to cake, pin the tail on the donkey and good old fashioned party hats?

Don’t even get me started on the loot bags…

Many times, in any given situation here, it’s the CASH YOU FLASH that gets you where you want to be or makes you who you think you are.  If you still want to prove that you can shake it like nobody’s business, then it’s o-k with me if you spend the cash and put on a rager.  Peter Pan, if you do, please invite me, I like to dance and have a good time as much as the next person.





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  1. midwin
    Posted June 9, 2008 at 8:20 am | Permalink

    Far from the land of swank, the highlight of our two-year-old’s recent birthday party was a ride on his uncle’s backhoe. How could I not take advantage of my landscaping brother’s construction equipment given the Bob the Builder theme? The little guests came ready to build — some brought their own tools. Then they piled into the cab, four to five at a time, for their “extreme” ride down the road that included scooping dirt and filling a hole. Yes, I could have hired out my entertainment but am quite sure the grins on their faces would not have been any wider.

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