Alternate Title: Funny Thing Kid’s Make

When our pet questing daughter announced that she was Queen of the Chinchillas, she crafted her very own crown.  You never know what kids can do with tin foil (think a space suit for our cat), scotch tape, a hair tie and a Ranger Rick magazine.

We are the kid-run craft house.  Imagination runs wild here 24/7.  It’s not odd to check in on the kids hours after bed time and somebody has a flash light, thread and a needle and is working on creations in their bed. Maybe we have elves or brownies somewhere in our family tree.  

The crafts spill from inside to outside our house.  Our lawn is littered with little alters to dead bees and roly-polies.  Fairy houses are also a big hit.  The girls are always finding ways to collect seeds from nature and grow them to make something new and interesting.

I guess this is why K3 decided planting her friend’s hair in the garden might be a break through idea–it combined both crafts and nature.  Afterwards, BFF’s father asked where she got the scissors.  It hadn’t occurred to me that every kid 5 and up didn’t have a personal secret craft stash.  My kids keep their stash so secret, I can’t even find one of the 30 pairs of scissors I know for a fact that we have or the costco pack of scotch tape I buy on a bi-weekly basis.

Of course there are many banners made with great creativity and care that I can’t bring myself to throw away.  K1 even made a reminder to take him to Toys R Us and hung it on the switch of the bedside table lamp.  I’ve got jewelry and sketches to decorate myself and my house for a lifetime and I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!


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