Friends Don’t Let Friends Shop Sloshed

O-k, so can somebody tell me why I have a peacock faux diamond hair comb and a heart-shaped diamond ring the size of a kiwi?  I looked at my vanity this morning and had to remember what exactly was going through my mind when I flipped out the magic plastic for those items last night.  Maybe there should be a rule, no shopping after 10 pm.  Things available for sale after that hour may not be exactly what they appear.

My friends must have been in as bad a state, or worse, to let me come home with such trinkets?  We even had a D.D.(designated driver)–he was sober.  Why didn’t he pull me away from the scene of the crime before it was committed?  Yikes.  Where is the Shop Block when you really need it?

One night I’m going to have to go out with my Santana vinyl record purse, my diamond peacock hair clip and my grandma sweater (when I finally get it).  Could this be a party?  I will be a sweet old lady someday.  AHHHHHHHHH, thinking back to the grandma sweater, it’s hard to believe I got away with buying this crap.  



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  1. Mermaid
    Posted October 21, 2008 at 7:05 pm | Permalink

    You never know–that ring made a perfect addition to my daughter’s Cruella De Ville costume. For every rhyme there is a reason!

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