Thelma and Louise Summer Camp for 6 Year Olds

It’s day 5 at the beach house, and we haven’t seen Thelma and her sidekick, Louise, for days.  As soon as we arrived, Mermaid K3 and Blondeshell K2, BFFs, disappeared into their self titled “dorm.”

The mini mighty amazon girls settled in Kid Animal-House-Style: clothing everywhere, snacks hidden under the bed, a big jug of spring water and bedding in a twist.  They were stocked and locked like they were in a bomb shelter.  The biggest battle for these warriors?  Brothers, bed time and lack of sugary snacks.

Seriously, these girls could be on Kid Survivor.  Once in a while they pop up asking for a dry towel or a new dvd, but they are mostly locked behind their self-made, masking tape posted sign on the door that says:


When they o.d. on movies, spring water and bananas, we might catch a glimpse of them–hair snarled, still in pjs or bathing suits.  K2 is the voice of 9 year old reason and keeps a sisterly watchful eye, but for the most part, the 6 year olds are running wild.

If they happen to clean the windows with Shout, at least it’s good, clean, fun, right?  That’s what makes the most excellent summer memories, good times, good times…




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