Monthly Archives: June 2008

Yap Back: Party Like A Rock Star

There is no doubt that we live in the land of excess in Swank County.  I read somewhere that people here are perennially in pursuit of youth.  If they are doing that, then why are they celebrating their birthdays in such a big, public way?  Seems like these Dorian Greys would want to quietly sweep […]


Blondeshell, I’ve Found It!

Blondeshell, I’ve found it, the perfect dog for you.  It even looks like that King Henry type of dog that you have your eye on.   Or there is always this: It might feel more realistic to take the plastic wrap off, or, leave it on, they stay cleaner that way.  Start small and work […]


I danced with Mick Jagger the other night. FU-UN! That dude can GYRATE… and I wasn’t looking too shabby my own self. Mick actually came up afterwards and complimented me on my fine moves. Oh All Right. So maybe it wasn’t THE Mick but it was the Unauthorized Mick and most likely the closest I […]

The Green Dry Clean

Bangshell and Blondeshell introduced me to the local green dry cleaners.  Why would I want harmful chemicals used on my family’s clothing if I knew there could be a better way?  A better, more expensive way–so swank. I placed the call.  The cheerful person on the other end of the phone welcomed me to the […]