Monthly Archives: July 2008

Buddy Guy, George Thorogood and Swank County

When I heard that Buddy Guy and George Thorogood were playing at our local Auditorium, my first thought was to get the tickets, get the kids and go!  My kids have been listening to Thorogood’s Greatest Hits album during carpool for almost 3 years.  They can sing and shout along with most of the songs, […]

Frida Kahlo MOMA Update: If You Are A Fan, Don’t Miss It

The crowds were thick, but this was quite a wonderful exhibit of Kahlo’s work and life.  If you have never seen her work before, don’t miss it.  If you are a fan, get there right away.  If you are open about art and experiencing art, take your kids.  I tried to determine if it was […]

Desperate Mombshell Housewife Takes Kids To See Frida Kahlo’s Gory Modern Art

I am doing a lot of desperate things this summer.  First, it was taking my 6 year old daughter to Mamma Mia.  Now, I am shuffling my kids off to the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the San Francisco MOMA.  My delicious, food blogging, buddy humored me by saying she’d join me. As I went through […]

The Grandma Sweater Goes to the City

Unbeknownst to the other Shells, the Grandma Sweater has been quietly making the rounds.  She went to Boulevard and Bix in the city.  She received compliments on her stylishness.  We all know a good quality Grandma is worth her weight in gold. The bottom line is that if you want to call me a grandma, […]

Desperate Mombshell Housewives Go To Mamma Mia Movie, With Kids!

All right, I’ve long said my kids are going to have a lot of ammunition to pummel me on a Jerry Springer episode.  I think if St. Peter is at the Pearly Gates when I get there, his first question would be about why I took a six year old to Iron Man. (I didn’t […]

Mom’s Letter To Her Summer Camp Kid

K1 Son at sleep away camp, Day 9.  No letter home…yet: Dear K1 Son, Are you o-k? Are you having fun? Did a mountain lion carry you off?  Were you eaten by bears? I do think you actually did get on the right bus, because I saw you in a picture from camp that your […]

More from the Mouths of Babes

My youngest announced that she might be interested in the position of President of the United States someday. ( Personally, I have always believed she has the Right Stuff ). She wondered what the job entailed. I gave her the basic rundown: keeping the peace at home, balancing the budget, maintaining successful relationships with world […]

You Can Take A Mombshell To Blogher, But You Can’t Make Her Stop Shopping

Well, just back from the fabulous Blogher 08.  Met tons of interesting bloghers and learned so much that my head is spinning.  It was a sea of writing women that buzzed with energy and excitement–but the conference was in San Francisco’s Union Square, and in Union Square, there is shopping.  Lots of shopping. During the […]

Stuff it!

Whew!  We are gearing up for guests next weekend, so this means time to clean, organize and panic.  I ventured into K2’s room, to realize that my little crafter had treasures stashed everywhere.  For each stash, there is a reason why it can’t be eliminated, recycled or moved due to it’s delicate nature. Each piece […]

K1: My 100 Pound Puppy

At some point, my rambunctious little boy transformed into a 5 foot 5 tall, 110 pound rambunctious puppy. He bops around and rolls and bounces into things, and now he can be heard coming down the hall with the footfalls of the Jolly Green Giant.  It’s like Clifford the big red dog has arrived and I’m […]