What My Parents Did To Me

*Cool as a cucumber




*Soft Spoken

*Hot as a firecracker temper


*Talk to anyone about anything for hours

*Meat Eater

These are qualities of my parents in no particular order.  Some qualities they share, such as the willingness to help anyone who needs them, strong sense of justice, generous, kind, thoughtful, but the list above represents their complete polar opposite personalities.  What do you get when you mix them all into a kid smoothie?

You get:

1.  A mostly vegetarian kid who doesn’t eat seafood, or lot of meat, but can’t pass up a thick, juicy medium rare steak or chocolate.

2. Someone who is too shy to pick up the phone at times or to speak in large groups or does the opposite and prattles on and on in loud volume (no mic needed).

3. Someone who might walk away from a fight or who goes in swinging with a lot of self-confidence and a hefty dose of temper.

4.  Someone who can either be a wallflower or big time chatterbox depending on situation and mood.

5.  A girl who can appear as calm as a cucumber or a girl who can be b*****ing out the Burke Williams Spa manager about her crappy massage in firecracker verbiage and volume.

6.  A girl that can blow her stack in anger and be ready to throw rocks through your window one minute and then ten minutes later be ready to forgive, forget and forge on.

7.  A super loyal friend who has EXTREMELY high expectations of her real, true friends.

I guess I’m a little unpredictable.  I like to try most new things, I can be brave and chicken sh*t on different occasions or at the same time.  I can find myself acting as either one in surprising situations.  You never know who is going to show up to the party…my mom or my dad.

This is what you get when opposites attract and they make a child.


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