Blondeshell’s Summer …Week Five

Summer vacation…week five already! Here’s how it’s going so far… 

Week one: 

Stayed home with the kids for the first couple of days coming down from the end of the year activities. Way too much T.V. but lots of bonding time with the new kitten. Spent a lot of time trying to determine it’s sex and come up with a good name. ( He’s a he and the name is Ziggy ). My son finished up his baseball season FINALLY. A fair amount of sibling rivalry and fighting over who got to hold the cat.

Week two:

Sent my son off to adventure camp and spent quality time with my daughter at a variety of places such as Cost Plus, Costco and Whole Foods which was evidently NOT FAAIIRR! Tried to buy her a wetsuit which she refused to try on but promptly changed her mind about. After we were home again.

Packed up the car for a weeks trip to the beach which included the necessities for my birthday party as well the basics for a good time. Crucial things like the fire pit, ( which was against regulations as it turned out. Oops.) an extra table and chairs, 4 bikes, 2 scooters, two surfboards, beach chairs, cooler, food, candles, board games, wine, beer and tequila. Oh, and duffel bags with clothes, towels and wetsuits. We took two cars.

Week three:

The birthday party was perfect. Supreme ambience, great people, delicious food, excellent libations and a lovely cake. I couldn’t have asked for more. The rest of the week was all about relaxing and recovery. We were in a smallish, but very cool, beach house with 5 kids so relaxing is a relative term but there were some bike rides into town, kayaks down the lagoon and guilty yet delicious stolen moments with Season 3 of Weeds and bags of chips. The weather was amazing and there were plenty of crabs to be had if you were so inclined. Not my cup of tea but I was happy to sit back and watch kids with nets and partake of Mermaid’s margaritas.

Week four:

Packed my son off to sleepover camp for 2 weeks. House got quiet really fast. My daughter went to morning art camp while I went to the gym, paid some overlooked bills and drank coffee with Ziggy . He didn’t actually drink the coffee but apparently got a contact high, racing through the kitchen at top speeds  then madly pouncing at my ankles. Then there was the annual 4th of July parade with following BBQ and fireworks     ( seen at a distance from my deck which is great for parking and crowd control ). Ended the week by going back to yoga after a year long hiatus ( injury related…another time ). Very satisfying.

Week five:

Here we are. Son is still away and my daughter is going to afternoon pony camp which means we can lounge about all morning and play with Ziggy. This is the most relaxing week yet. The house is still quiet…there is a distinct absence of screeching and ” You’re not the boss of me” s. In fact, what I am hearing the most is the sound of my own voice.  ” Please be gentle with the kitty” and “The kitty will love you more if you don’t squish him”. The tormentor is away this evening at a friend’s and rather than seeming relieved I do believe the cat misses her! Ah, the peace and quiet. If it weren’t for the contractor and the painter and the housekeeper I might be down right lonely around here.

My son is due back Saturday and we hop a plane for New York on Sunday. He is going to see the Home Run Derby as well as the All Star game at Yankee Stadium with his grandfather. I am the glorified travel agent/chauffer who has planned the family’s summer around these events. That kid has got THE LIFE. At least I will get to see a Broadway show. The Little Mermaid. Oh yes, and a trip to the American Girl Doll store. Someday I am going to New York without my kids and doing grownup stuff.

Week six:

A week at my in laws with my kids. Will include ice cream, fireflies and a fair amount of spoiling. Let you know how that turns out.


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