Why The Auto Flush?

I really don’t get automatically flushing toilets. What exactly is their purpose in life? Do the potty powers that be not trust the general public to flush after themselves? I’m not disagreeing, just trying to figure this out. Is it meant to be more efficient at saving water or reducing waste somehow?

My personal experience is that is does none of these things. Nine times out of ten that flush goes off as I am attempting to lay down my sanitary protection, taking that thin layer of paper with it and thereby requiring me to start the process all over again. This is particularly annoying when I am trying to help my youngster who inevitably is in somewhat of a hurry to sit down.

What I find most puzzling of all is when I finally successfully accomplish the task at hand and am actually ready to leave the stall, nothing happens. Often, I am forced to locate the sensor and flush manually. After which I squeeze my barely average sized body out of said stall and attempt perfect placement in order to wash and dry my hands at the technologically advanced no touch sink and towel dispenser.

If only they could come up with a device that wipes the seat after the person before me, who either couldn’t be bothered with seat protection or just got tired of trying. ( The automatically replacing plastic seat covers don’t count because they are just CREEPY ). Throw in some automatic doors whose handles you don’t have to touch and at the very least you’ve cut down on the germ factor. Works for me.


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  1. Mermaid
    Posted July 11, 2008 at 6:22 am | Permalink

    Three thoughts:
    1. We are blessed with ‘seat protection’ in our fair state. Do you ever notice when you travel outside this territory that seat protectors are far and few to come by?

    2. The auto flush is because some people are lazy and clean up after their dogs better than themselves. If you were fined for leaving tinkle sprinkles on the seat, then I think we’d have a cleaner, happier place to live.

    3. Don’t blame it on the little kids, folks, they actually can’t hover above the seat in order to get pee all over the place like grown ups. I’ve heard studies quoted saying the women’s restroom is hands down the dirtiest place to pee–even worse than the men’s room.

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