K1: My 100 Pound Puppy

At some point, my rambunctious little boy transformed into a 5 foot 5 tall, 110 pound rambunctious puppy. He bops around and rolls and bounces into things, and now he can be heard coming down the hall with the footfalls of the Jolly Green Giant.  It’s like Clifford the big red dog has arrived and I’m not quite sure where to put him.

His bark has changed from a yap to a boom.  Long gangly legs and arms swing like a tail and knock things over unawares.  There is still the occasional tantrum, but the volume and range of destruction has increased.   Sometimes he unintentionally breaks a glass or knocks over a lamp, but he is as surprised as the rest of us when it happens.

This puppyhood continues on a personality level, too.  One moment he is riding his bike to school, turning in his homework without reminders and watching his sisters.   The next moment he needs someone to help him find his mitt, kiss his owies, inform he that he’s not allowed to kill his siblings, and call his teacher to tell her that he can’t find his essay that is due for tomorrow.

Sometimes I lean in for a kiss and he leans as far away as possible to avoid it.  Other times he bounds towards me and throws his arms around me, forgetting that he weighs a lot more now and we both fall over on the floor in tackled football player fashion.

When our collie-lab cross had grown big quickly, she hadn’t learned how her newly sprouted body fit into the world.  I remember those awkward days fondly.  Now, I look at K1 and all I see is this big puppy.  Still cute in that puppy way, but well on his path to becoming a young man.  I’m hoping he will someday learn the skill of hugging his mom without knocking her over.


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