Stuff it!

Whew!  We are gearing up for guests next weekend, so this means time to clean, organize and panic.  I ventured into K2’s room, to realize that my little crafter had treasures stashed everywhere.  For each stash, there is a reason why it can’t be eliminated, recycled or moved due to it’s delicate nature.

Each piece is a mini masterpiece, and each piece, takes up prime real estate of which is to become the guest room for two adults for four days.  When it comes to children, K2 is the sweetest, most even-keeled child you would ever meet, although she’s not ecstatic to give up her room, she does it with little complaint.  

You see, K2 is the one that will take the green lollipop to keep her sister from throwing a fit. She’s the kid at the mall that smiles at your crying baby and helps a stranger pick up things dropped on the ground. She’s the one who gives up her bed for guests and sleeps on the floor of her sister’s room, or her brother’s room or my room.

As the middle kid, sometimes life is very unfair for K2 in ways that I can’t control or even explain.  I am sentimental and I share the pack rat quality of my second born child.  It’s hard for me to  part with anything slightly artistic, or even junky for that matter, if it’s my junk.  I understand her pain.

However, yesterday, while she was on a play date, we did a massive garage re-org.  I was hefting things into piles and had the eye of the tiger for donating things that we no longer used.  My other two children were steadily plucking things from the donation pile and making cases for items they felt we still needed.  If they could make their case, the item stayed.

Later that evening, on a date with my husband, I realized that one of K2’s special stuffed animals had been in the donation pile–and the donation pile had already been delivered and donated.  I felt a guilty sinking stone in my stomach, I knew I would have to come clean.  

Now, some parents would be asking me why ever I would do that to myself?  She would never know that it was missing until maybe never.  But in my heart, I’m a child who has ransacked my parent’s house looking for items that were special to me and had mysteriously disappeared.  Now, as a grown up mom, I had solved the mystery–I know where that stuff went.

So, I sat down with K2 and explained my mistake.  Tears ran down her face, but she is my angelic K2, and she granted me her forgiveness. For two days she was welling up with crocodile tears silently without telling me why, I knew it was about the missing stuffed Build a Bear Workshop puppy named Lucky.

Going on a field trip today, to the Goodwill, maybe, I will get Lucky.



  1. midwin
    Posted July 16, 2008 at 8:57 am | Permalink

    I share your burning desire to purge the mountains of toys, stuffed animals, art projects and other things that seem to rise overnight….if only to see the floor again….but I have to admit, I am secretly rooting for a Lucky reunion!

    I thought maybe I would suggest to my 5-year old this year that he select a few items that he no longer plays with to donate to those less fortunate. Does that sound even remotely plausible?

  2. Mermaid
    Posted July 16, 2008 at 4:21 pm | Permalink

    Well, shoot, did not get Lucky today and not ever getting Lucky according to the Good Will. All stuffed animals are sent to the city and ‘recycled.’ I felt like I had to cover K3’s ears. Ugh! I am so having a book written about me by all three of my kids–and maybe a major motion picture where I am screaming, “What’s wrong with wire hangers???!!!”

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