Monthly Archives: July 2008

Why The Auto Flush?

I really don’t get automatically flushing toilets. What exactly is their purpose in life? Do the potty powers that be not trust the general public to flush after themselves? I’m not disagreeing, just trying to figure this out. Is it meant to be more efficient at saving water or reducing waste somehow? My personal experience […]


Night Camp

About 5 p.m. last night I birthed the brain child of Night Camp.  Spending quality summer time with your angels seems like a good idea in early summer or even earlier in the day, but by 5 p.m., aren’t you and your kids ready for Night Camp? Tired from the long day?  Exhausted from running […]

Blondeshell’s Summer …Week Five

Summer vacation…week five already! Here’s how it’s going so far…  Week one:  Stayed home with the kids for the first couple of days coming down from the end of the year activities. Way too much T.V. but lots of bonding time with the new kitten. Spent a lot of time trying to determine it’s sex […]

Emergency Dismount

I was recently having a conversation about safety and the sport of horseback riding. My experience with horses didn’t have a lot to do with safety.  I’m probably lucky to be alive.   This particular mom turned to me and said she heard a cry that the horse with her daughter on it was going down.  The horse […]

Husband PMS?

I’ve noticed lately that my husband’s cycle is coinciding with my own.  We both have stretches of unexplained grouchiness and irrational behavior.  Has anyone looked into this???

What My Parents Did To Me

*Cool as a cucumber *Vegetarian *Calm *Shy *Soft Spoken *Hot as a firecracker temper *Outgoing *Talk to anyone about anything for hours *Meat Eater These are qualities of my parents in no particular order.  Some qualities they share, such as the willingness to help anyone who needs them, strong sense of justice, generous, kind, thoughtful, […]