Monthly Archives: September 2008

Toasty, Warm Monday Love

My youngest is six.  Somehow she has miraculously uncovered DNA that allows her to be the best cleaner I’ve ever seen.  She is willing to whip anybody’s room into shape.  She tidies, makes the bed and arranges all items in the room in an artistic way.  Could babies have been switched at the hospital? This […]

Untethered In My Mini Empty Nest

This week my two older kids went to sleepaways with their school classes.  The way it worked out, they swapped equally in the middle of the week.  This left me with an entire week of two children.  Not always the same two children, mind you, but two children instead of three just the same.   […]

The Canadian Chronicles: Summer Diary of a 12 Year Old…Dogs, Limos and Long Lines at Customs

My son said it would be o-k to share a bit of his summer journal with the world. The first entry: Today was a flying day.  First thing that morning, we got up and got our bags ready.  Luckily, Dad hadn’t booked a car beforehand and so he had to rent a LIMO! (yay!)  So […]

Wordless Wednesday

As a non-smoker, all I can say is “Wow!” *P.S. I was told to add that this is a real carton of cigarettes for sale in the Duty Free shop at the Munich airport.

The Canadian Chronicles, Part 2: Beds, Breakfasts, Best Buds and Tired Bones

When we disappear from our normal life into the Canadian Wilds, we re-emerge in an old fishing lodge that sleeps 11–if you put everyone in a bed.  We can sleep 7 more on various couches and futons.  Heck, lots more people can sleep on the floor if we squeeze ’em in. This is not to […]

I Want My Mommy

I am all grown up now. Finally. I have two children of my own. But once in a while… I want my Mommy.  When I was a kid and I got sick my mom was there for me. That was one of the areas where she shined in my starry eyes. She brought me canned […]

Random Post: Talk Like A Pirate Day? What Would Your Day Be?

Ahoy Matey! Talk like a pirate day?  What is this all about?  Come on people, I’m either thinking that you are really fun or really crazy.  Actually both of those traits go together.  Arrrrrrrggggghhhh!  Can I make up any old day to celebrate what I want?  How about you?  What would your day be?   […]

Flash Back Friday: All The Things I Always Wanted To Tell You All Summer, But Didn’t. How Seashell Became Mermaid

I will swear to my children and my husband that I can indeed remember things:  conversations, locations of objects, whose day it is to unload the dishwasher… Lately, I have to admit, I have been drawing pure blanks.  Take Mombshells for example:  we all came up with shell names to protect our secret identities (yeah, […]

Wordless Wednesday: Kid Craft Time At Our House? No One Is Safe

Can’t Kindle The Fire For My Kindle: Why You Can’t Teach An Old-School English Major New Tricks

I can’t do it.  Try as I might, I can’t bond with my Amazon Kindle.   I eyed this marvelous machine at my techie friend’s fingertips while we were flying together on a vacation.  I loved the idea of a lighter carry-on and a catrillion books at my disposal when I was lazing by the […]